Getting to the Comox Valley

In Courtenay:

  • go north on Cliffe Avenue
  • turn right on 1st Street, then left on Anderton Avenue
  • drive over the Condensory Bridge and we are right there on the right.

4624 Condensory Road.

From Campbell River on Highway 19

  • go south on Piercy Road, then turn right on Condensory Road.

We are right there on the left before the bridge to Courtenay.

From Campbell River on Highway 19A

  • in Courtenay, keep driving straight on the Old Island Highway over the 5th Street Bridge
  • turn right on Anderton Avenue.

We are right there past Condensory Bridge on the right, at 4624 Condensory Road.

The Legend of Queneesh

Comox Glacier

Long ago there were big cedar planked houses, totem poles and canoes in the K’ómoks territory. The nights were very quiet, except for the sounds of the water, sea birds and of hooting owls. One night an old man, Quoi Qwa Lak, had a dream. In that dream a voice told him that he must tell the Chief and the K’ómoks People to prepare for a great flood. They built canoes and packed them full of food and clothes. The young men made a strong cedar rope and took it to the top of the glacier and fastened it tightly. The people tied their canoes to the rope, and not too long after it began to rain. It rained and rained for days. Soon there was only a little of the glacier showing. The K’ómoks People were afraid.
Then all of a sudden the glacier began to move. The people began to cry, “White Whale, White Whale! Queneesh, Queneesh.” The glacier had taken the form of a whale and saved the people. The rain stopped, and Queneesh still stands guard over the K’ómoks People to this very day.”