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The Puntledge RV Park & Campground

Camping in Courtenay, BC Canada

The Puntledge RV Campground is located in the traditional
territory of the Comox First Nation and provides a
safe, natural, family camping experience which incorporates
the historic and cultural traditions of the Comox People.

Located adjacent to the Puntledge River, a five
minute walk from downtown Courtenay, the campground
includes the Nim Nim Interpretive Centre and I-Hos
Gallery Kiosk



Call Toll Free 1-877-726-4202.

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Rates - Courtenay RV Park & Campground

Open: April 1, 2018 - October 1, 2018

Full payment is required for payments on a long weekend and no refunds will be given for bookings for long weekends.

Full Service $40.00/night +tax
Includes water, hydro, sewer and cable

Partial Service $30.00/night +tax
Includes water, hydro and cable

Basic Service $25.00/night +tax
Ideal for tenters or self-contained RVs

All rates based on 2 adults; add $4.00 per additional adult. Child Under 12 Free.
Washer / Dryer $2.00 each - Showers $1.00 for 3 minutes

Taxes not included in prices. All funds Canadian.

Join us and see the spectacular salmon run in the Fall

Just a short walk from your campsite.

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History of the Puntledge Indian Reserve

Although the Comox People integrated with the Pentlatch People in the early 1860s, the Pentlatch People had been living on this site for numerous years and the Puntledge Indian Reserve #2 was officially created in 1876 by the government and comprised of 180 acres of land.

The reserve was described as, “most part heavily wooded but containing a small extent of open land and having good soil, bordered by the Puntledge River and the Tsolum River.” At the time, in 1876, the total population of the Pentlatch People was 21, comprising of 10 men, 8 women and only 3 female children.